Wednesday, June 29, 2011


On a recent trip to Des Moines, Iowa, I visited a living history farm and saw first hand the evolution of the pork industry here in America.  The farm spanned 300 years of history. The farm was a self guided tour nestled on a beautiful wooded trail. The first stop on the trail was an Indian village where 3 sisters gardening was demonstrated and how the Indians faced the elements and the growing conditions in order to survive.  The next stop on the trail was an 1850 family farm.  There were heritage hogs at this farm and interestingly enough in the 1850's farmers would fence their gardens and their animals were free range.  The next stop on the trail was a 1900 family farm and 50 years of growth and technology could be seen first hand.  Animals were now being used to help plow fields and animals were fenced and gardens were open.  There were more of the traditional pigs that we see today on farms living on this farm.  Farmers also realized that with the completion of the railroad to the East that more money could be made moving animals rather than selling corn and crops.  Hence, the beginning of the pork industry.  Animals were sent by rail to the East for processing to sell to consumers who didn't grow their own meat.  And as they say, the rest is history.  Be sure and visit for great delicious summer ideas.  There are easy recipes for lettuce wraps and quick and easy meals for these pig days of summer.  Until next time...
-Lady ham

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