Wednesday, August 24, 2011

National Peach Month

One thing August is known for nationally is National Peach Month.  For those of us that live in the Mountain West, peaches are wonderful. Peaches grown in Utah as well as those grown in neighboring states.  How does this relate to pork.  Peel a few peaches, mash and add vanilla, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and use as a glaze over pork chops.  In fact, try some peach syrup in a tall glass of lemonade for an absolutely delicious lemonade.  Even though these dog days of summer are hot, grill up a pork chop.  It's fast and easy and delicious on these hot days.  Even try ground pork tacos with peach salsa. The possibilites are endless and delicious.  Enjoy peaches and pork!!! Until next time...
-Lady Ham

Monday, August 15, 2011


This past Saturday, we had a great class held at Orson Gygi in Sall Lake City.  The class was all about ground pork and gourmet burgers and sliders.  The class was hands on and each attendee was able to make their own gourmet slider.  We had 2 options to pick from...The greek slider which had olives, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, sea salt and sun dried tomato seasoning.  The other option was the Old West Slider with mushrooms, onions, parmesan cheese, worcestershire sauce, sea salt, smoked pepper and roasted garlic seasoning.  Each slider could be topped with sauteed mushroom and fresh tomato and for the Old West BBQ sauce.  A porktastic day for all.  Until next time...
-Lady Ham


Today is National Relaxation Day.  We all have busy schedules but take time for yourself today and relax with a old fashioned Bratwurst and a cold drink.  Take a walk and visit somewhere that you have had on your mind but have been too busy.  Or just sit at the park with that Brat.  I personally love a spicy brat with saurerkraut and mustard. YUM.  Have a porktastic Day!! Until next time...
-Lady Ham

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Happy Summer to all.  Hope you are all having a porktastic summer.  I gave a cooking class last night on Herbs and Pork.  Had a great turnout.  We discussed many fresh herbs, how to best use them and how they can enhance your pork dishes.  One great herb to use with pork is rosemary.  When rosemary is teamed up with apricots it is a winning combination.  As today is Book Lover's Day, plan on an easy day. Go to and find several recipes that includes apricots and rosemary.  With 1,700 recipes you are sure to be able to find several to enjoy on these dog days of summer.  After planning a great dinner, find your favorite book, a cold glass of lemonade and a shady spot under a tree and enjoy the rest of your day.  Until next time...
-Lady Ham

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is the month for County Fairs.  I will be attending several to see first hand all the youth in the showmanship of their pigs and their handling techniques.  If you are a youth in the livestock show and you are interested in obtaining your PQA Plus certification, please contact me.  There will be a training at the Utah State Fair on Sept. 15 at 11:30 after check in of your pigs.  All youth showing pigs at the Utah State Fair and PQA Plus Certified will receive an additional $20.00 for your hog.  Good luck at all your fairs.  Until next time...
-Lady Ham

National Watermelon Day

Can you believe America can have such a great day to celebrate during the summer?  Yes, today is National Watermelon Day.  Watermelon seed spitting is one of the best activities at a family picnic.  When you buy a watermelon remember to buy one with seeds if it is for a picnic.  Personally, if there is no seed spitting contest, I will treat my family to a seedless watermelon cut into beautiful little even chunks.  My husband is always amazed that I can get all the seeds out and the pieces are still so perfect.  I'll never let him know my secret.  There is also a great watermelon salsa recipe on  Try it and let me know what you think.  It's a summer salsa.  Until next time...
-Lady Ham

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hard to believe it's already August.  What a great month...the weather is beautiful and on occasion a crisp morning to remind us that fall is not too far away.  When I think of my family and having fun...the first thing that comes to mind is taking a portable grill and jumping in the car and heading up to the mountains or a stream in one of the canyons.  When we have found the perfect spot, light the coals, set up the chairs and grill the best burnt hot dogs known to man.  Along with those burnt hot dogs, potato salad and cold lemonade and watermelon.  Have a great August and treat yourself to some great pork dogs.  I have found the older I get that perhaps not quite as black tastes pretty darn good too.  Have a PORKTASTIC DAY.  Until next time...-Lady Ham