Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Even though summer isn't officially here until June 21st, when June arrives, we think of school being out, summer BBQ and family get togethers.  What a great time to make sure the propane bottle is filled and dust off the grill.  Pork is delicious and easy to cook for weeknight meals and weekend gatherings alike.  Visit our new webiste www.porkbeinspired for over 1,700 delicious recipes.  As our new slogan sugests - Be Inspired.  Try a new Rib recipe, glazed pork chops or a delicious tenderloin  cooked to the new temperature of 145 degrees. and along with that some grilled corn and grilled fruit for dessert.  Bananas grill up wonderful with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon as well as grilled pineapple and peaches.  Grilled fruit makes the perfect topping for homemade ice cream.Happy June 1st. Until next time
-Lady Ham

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